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Vibration Monitors are designed for military and commercial helicopters

Series 961/960-TX sensors monitor vibration generated by military and commercial helicopter engines, transmissions, and airframes.

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Compact & Miniature Force Balance Accelerometers

Airborne applications SA-102BHC / SA-302BHC compact and SA-102MFTB / SA-302MFTA miniature precision accelerometers operate from +24 to +32 VDC aircraft power.

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New Sensor Designed to Measure Strain on Curved Mounting Surfaces

Accuracy, ruggedness, and ease of installation found in Columbia's flight-qualified Series DTD284, DT3747 models compensate materials commonly used in aircraft structural fabrication.

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Measurements In Low Frequency Micro-G Range

High sensitivity, ultra low noise use in seismic, low level, low frequency motion studies. SA-107LN is a single axis unit and SA-207LN, and SA-307LN are two and three axis units.

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What's New

2022-03-19 Highly Accurate Strain Sensors Monitor Critical Areas in Military and Commercial Aircraft and Other Applications, for Fatigue Damage

2022-03-19 Force Balance Accelerometers Provide Critical Directional Information in Demanding Measurement While Drilling Applications

2022-01-18 Designed to Monitor Vibration in Helicopters, Series 961/960-TX Ideal for a Variety of Vibration Monitoring Commercial Applications

2019-09-01 Jeffrey S. Heller has been promoted to the Position of President of Columbia Research Laboratories

2016-09-29 ATC Series Line of Rail Sensors

2016-06-03 New Force Balance Accelerometers for Measure While Drilling (MWD) Applications

2016-02-23 New Self-Contained Thermally Compensated Amplified Strain Sensor

2015-10-05 Columbia Research Labs Welcomes John Kaliscik to the Sales and Marketing Team

2014-06-17 Low Noise Sensors Ideal for Structural Health Monitoring

2013-06-27 Piezoelectric Acclerometers for Vibration and Shock Work

2013-02-20 Columbia Research Laboratories Becomes Exclusive United States Distributor for Family of Cost-Effective Quartz Accelerometers

2012-09-18 From General Purpose to High Performance Customized Accelerometers, Columbia Research has the Sensor for you...

2012-07-17 Family of Electronic Tilt Sensors Ideal for Platoform Stabilization, Surface Mapping, and Measuring Tilt Angles in Remote Locations

2011-03-15 Compact and Miniature Force Balance Accelerometers for Airborne Applications

2011-02-10 New Sensor Designed To Accurately Measure Strain On Curved Mounting Surfaces

2009-09-22 Low Noise Sensors Provide Measurements In Low Frequency Micro-G Range

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