Dynamic High Pressure Sensors

Columbia's line of Dynamic Pressure Sensors can also serve as Acoustic Sensors (Microphones). They are designed to measure fast pressure variations, surges and dynamic blasts. The Sensors vary from low cost, small size, and lightweight to High Pressure (to 10,000psi) units, with all-welded contructions for extreme ruggedness, making them excellent choices for a wide range of applications.

Model Sensitivity Max Pressure
Frequency Range Mounting
100 P
150pC/psi 5,000 2Hz to 12KHz 9/16-24 NPT Male Thread
950 xx
10 to 25mV/psi 500 5Hz to 18KHz 1/4" NPT Male Thread
10 to 25mV/psi 8,000 2Hz to 18KHz 1/4-18 UNF NPT Male Thread
P 200 1
25pC/psi 500 2Hz to 18KHz 7/16-28 NEF Thread
P 200 2
25pC/psi 5,000 2Hz to 18KHz 9/16-24 NEF-2 Thread
P 742
9pC/psi 10,000 2Hz to 10KHz 1/8" NPT Male Thread
P 766
25pC/psi 5,000 2Hz to 10KHz 1/2" NPT Male Thread
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