Force Balance Inclinometers

Force Balance Inclinometers contain a suspension system for accuracy and are uninfluenced by shock and vibration encountered during severe applications.

  • Unique HP suspension system that provides added accuracy and ruggedness.
  • Fluid damped sensors virtually uninfluenced by shock and vibration encountered in very severe applications.
  • Transmit data over long distances in environments where interference from electrical lines could be a problem.

General Inclinometers

Columbia's SI-701 Series of Inclinometers are electronic tilt sensors based on Force Balance Accelerometer technology. They produce high level low impedance output proportional to the sine of the tilt angle. Model SI-701B is a low cost general purpose sensor that can be up-graded with the addition of the Columbia "HP" torquer system (SI-701BI) for greater accuracy and ruggedness. A bi-axial version of both units (SI-702B) is also available. The Model SI-701BI is designed with an output circuit made for 4-20mA data transmission systems for industrial applications. The model SI-701FND is a fluid dampened premium performance inclinometer designed to produce accurate tilt data in extreme shock and vibration environments. The latest addition in the line is Model SI-701WPBI, a waterproof (to 150 feet) inclinometer which operates from a +15 volt supply with 4-20mA output. A single power supply powers both the sensor and the 4-20mA line driver.

Biaxial Inclinometers

Columbia's Biaxial Inclinometers use the same force balance accelerometer technology used in our single axis inclinometers. These Biaxial Inclinometers are used in applications where dual axis tilt measurements are required. The SI-702B series is intended for use in applications such as platform stabilization, surface mapping and measuring tilt angles in remote locations. The SI-701AI series, is designed with an output circuit configuration made for use in 4-20mA data transmission systems.

Inclinometer Systems

Columbia Research Labs offers our standard Inclinometer System and our Differential Inclinometer System. The standard system includes a temperature compensated force balance inclinometer in conjunction with a power module and convenient digital display. It is available with either AC or DC Power supply input. The Differential System allows the customer to match the slope of two remotely located surfaces. The readout can be set to indicate the absolute tilt of either sensor or the differential angle between them.

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