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Vibration Monitors are designed for military and commercial helicopters

Series 961/960-TX sensors monitor vibration generated by military and commercial helicopter engines, transmissions, and airframes.

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Compact & Miniature Force Balance Accelerometers

Airborne applications SA-102BHC / SA-302BHC compact and SA-102MFTB / SA-302MFTA miniature precision accelerometers operate from +24 to +32 VDC aircraft power.

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New Sensor Designed to Measure Strain on Curved Mounting Surfaces

Accuracy, ruggedness, and ease of installation found in Columbia's flight-qualified Series DTD284, DT3747 models compensate materials commonly used in aircraft structural fabrication.

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Measurements In Low Frequency Micro-G Range

High sensitivity, ultra low noise use in seismic, low level, low frequency motion studies. SA-107LN is a single axis unit and SA-207LN, and SA-307LN are two and three axis units.

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New Self-Contained Thermally Compensated Amplified Strain Sensor

Columbia Research Laboratories is pleased to announce its most recent addition to its strain sensor product line. The new Model DT3757 eliminates the need for external signal amplification by integrating the sensor with an amplifier with a gain of 10 cast in the sensor body. This new strain sensor provides a higher signal to noise ratio than other strain sensors and strain gauges providing a solution less susceptible to noise. In addition, new Model DT3757 is interchangeable with Columbia's Model DTD2684.

Columbia takes the work out of strain sensing. These sensors aren't just strain gauges. While Columbia's sensors utilize a foil strain gauge, they are a complete packaged device that is temperature compensated and has interfacing leads for easy connection. These strain sensors are also available in packages meant for mounting to curved surfaces. Columbia's latest addition to its strain sensor product line, this self-amplified model, takes the next step in taking the work out of strain sensing and provides a compact, accurate, and versatile solution.

Columbia's strain sensor products have been qualified to MIL standards and have been flight qualified for military aircraft for more than 30 years. In addition, Columbia's strain sensors have been FAA DO-160 qualified and have been approved for use on commercial aircraft. Columbia's strain sensors have many applications in various markets. They are used extensively to provide continuous measurement as well as extended changes over time in applications such as structural analysis and geophysical application. Their reliability and Columbia's quality standards make them the best choice for critical applications.

Contact us at sales@crlsensors.com for more information. Columbia has been providing sensing solutions for more than 50 years and experienced applications engineers that will work with you to solve your sensing problems. Columbia's applications engineers extend its customers expertise by providing extensive sensing knowledge and experience. Columbia is the leading supplier of strain sensors, accelerometers, tilt sensors, dynamic pressure sensors, and displacement sensors as well as signal conditioning, vibration & temperature transmitters, and portable vibration meters. Call us today so our experts can help you.

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