LVDT Products

Columbia's LVDT's are designed for the most demanding high temperature military and industrial applications where maximum life under adverse conditions is required. The corrosion resistant stainless steel housing provides effective shielding to contain the magnetic flux within the transformer, as well as providing protection against external magnetic fields. Conservative design permits the use of these transducers well beyond their specific linear range with minimum loss of accuracy.

  • High Temperature, Reliability and Performance
  • Long Term Stability and Long Life
  • Light weight
  • Magnetic Shielding
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Low Mass

General Purpose - AC Operation

The S Series LVDT's are Columbia's general purpose line of LVDTs. They are designed to sense linear displacement over the ranges of +/-0.04" to +/-0.30" and translate this motion into a precisely proportional voltage for measurement and control.

Miniature Size - AC Operation

The M Series of LVDT's designed by Columbia Research Labs are ideal for use on small, high-speed mechanisms and in sensitive low-displacement applications. Linear motions over the ranges of +/-0.003" to +/-0.150" are translated into precisely proportional voltage for measurement and control.

High Stroke/Length Ratio - AC Operation

The Columbia H Series LVDT's provides an exceptionally high stroke-to-length ratio while maintaining excellent performance. With a linear range of +/- 1.0" to +/- 3.0" the H Series has found extensive application in position sensing and displacement measurement on large valves and remotely operated industrial process controls.

Displacement Transducers - DC Operation

The Columbia DDCP Series Transducers are completely self-contained displacement measurement systems that operate from a low voltage DC power supply or battery. They permit highly accurate readout and recording of an output signal directly without auxiliary signal conditioning electronics.

Linear Motion Tandem Transducer

The Columbia Model LMT-50 is a unitized rugged package consisting of tandem linear variable differential transformers (LVDT's) with probe assembly. The LMT-50 is designed so that the likelihood of a single failure affecting both output signals is extremely improbable. The model LMT-50 offers flight proven performance, even in the most severe environments.

L.V.D.T Controller

Columbia's single and dual channel microprocessor-based LVDT indicator and set-point controllers are designed for industrial and process control applications utilizing and Columbia H, M, or S series LVDT. IN addition to displaying real-time LVDT readings, these instruments display MIN, MAX and TIR values.

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