Signal Conditioning Instrumentation

Columbia offers a wide variety of Signal Conditioning Instrumentation for a variety of Sensor types. These range from Laboratory as well as Airborne Charge Amplifiers, Differential Charge Amplifiers, In-Line Charge Converters, Constant Current Power Supplies and ICP Compliant Amplifiers all in support of Columbia's extensive Piezoelectric product line. Additionally Columbia offers unique Strain Gage Instrumentation Amplifiers which provide built in auto zeroing of gage offset voltages which can increase typical measurement accuracies. These robust Signal Conditioning products have been flight qualified on many current military aircraft and missile programs and are now available for your distinctive program needs.

  • Low Cost, High Performance
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Low noise
  • Low output offset
  • Gain control calibrated directly in transducer sensitivity
  • Provides both Acceleration and Velocity Outputs
  • Used in aircraft engine condition monitoring system
Model Description Power Requirements Max Gain Max Output Voltage
Constant Current Supply +12 to +32 VDC 0.0dB Gain Unity Dependent on bias level of transducer
Charge Amplifier 105 - 125VAC 500 mV/pcmb (Dial Selectable) 20 V Pk/Pk Min
5648 X
Constant Current Supply/Signal Conditioner +16 to +32 VDC 0.0dB (Unity Gain) 5V pk/pk
Differential Airbourne Charge Amplifier +24 to +32VDC 1.0 mV/pcmb +5.40 ±0.20 VDC
Airbourne Charge Amplifier +24 to +32VDC 1.0 mV/pcmb +5.40 ±0.20 VDC
Strain Gage Amplifier +15 to +35 VDC (+28VDC Nom.) xx ± 5 VDC
Miniature Charge Amplifier +12 to +32VDC See order info 0.5000mA Pk/Pk
In-Line Charge Converter 2 mA to 20 mA 0.1, 1.0, 10 Depending on Model Selected 15 Volts Min
Triaxial In-Line Charge Converter +24 to +32VDC 0.1, 1.0, 10 mV/pcmb 10 Volts Min
In-Line Charge Converter +22 to +32VDC 0.1, 1.0, 10 mV/pcmb 10 Votls Min
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