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  • Connects to Any Columbia Full Bridge Strain Sensor
  • Strain & Temperature Outputs
  • Wide Input Power Range
  • Auto Zeroing Capability
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The Columbia Model 5804 Military-Grade Strain Gauge Amplifier is designed to amplify signals from Columbia's DT and DTD Series Full-Bridge Strain Sensors. The system will provide both strain and temperature outputs.

The strain output incorporates a microprocessor-driven auto zeroing circuit capable of compensating for input offsets of up to +/-3000 equivalent and will automatically drive the output to 0.00 VDC in the presence of input offset equivalent strains within that range. This feature allows the operator to correct for any strain offsets resulting from gage mounting, material fatigue or material deformation. Auto zeroing may be performed automatically on power-up, or on command manually with the user of the auto zero function pin on the power connector.

The temperature output is derived from a precision 1000 ohm platinum RTD and provides linearized output of 40mV / Deg C from -40°C (0.00 V) to +85 °C (5.00 V). The temperature output will remain within ±3° or ±120mV of the straigh line passing thru these two points over its rated operating range.


DC Current Drain 25 mA Max.
Temperature Output 0.0 VDC @ -40 Deg C and 5.00 VDC @ +85 Deg C ± 3° or ± 120mV of straight line passing through)
Temperature Scale Factor 40Mv/°C Nominal
Output Protection Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection on Both Strain and Temperature Outputs
Measurement Accuracy ±5%
Electronic Filtering 2-Pole Butterworth Filter with response set to -3dB @2000Hz3dB @ 2000 Hz
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