Signal Conditioning Instrumentation



  • Compatible with Differential Piezoelectric Sensors
  • Unity Gain Charge Converter
  • Acceleration & Velocity Signal Outputs
  • Unbiased Signal Outputs
  • Miniature Electronic Packaging
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Columbia Model 5840 Differential Charge Amplifier has been specifically designed to operate with differential output piezoelectric vibration sensors typically used in aircraft engine condition monitoring systems. It features small package size and extremely low power consumption.

The Model 5840 Differential Charge Amplifier provides both Acceleration and Velocity outputs from an individual signal-conditioning amplifier. Acceleration may be measured from 5 Hz to 2,000 Hz at a fixed gain conversion rate of 1.0 mV/pcmb. The velocity transfer function is 387 mV/pcmb/sec referenced to 1.0 mV/pcmb at 61.4 Hz. The nominal slope is 6 dB/octave over the bandwidth of from 5Hz to 2,000 Hz. Consult the factory for customized versions of this instrument.


Transducer Compatibility Piezoelectric Differential Capacitive Transducers
Source Impedance Minimum Input Source Resistance: 25 Megohms
Source Capacity 10,000 pF Max To Meet All Specifications
Overload Recovery 5,000 pcmb 1mS Half-Sine, No Effect
Input Connection Differential, Referenced to Circuit Ground
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