Signal Conditioning Instrumentation

5648 X

5648 X

  • Compact Single-Channel Unit
  • Convenient DC Operation
  • AC Coupled & Biased Signal Output
  • Rugged Airborne Case
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The Columbia Model 5648-X Single Channel Power Supply / Signal Conditioner provides a ruggedized unity gain interface between Columbia's 8000 or 900 Series Sensors or any competitors Acceleration, Pressure or Acoustic Sensors ith built in constant current powered electronics. The 5648-X provides a precision 4.0Ma constant current to the signal conditioning circuitry within the selected sensor. It also provides a 2 pole 12dB/Octave low pass filter and low impedance AC coupled signal output capable of driving up to 2000pF cable capacity. A second signal output is provided that is biased at +2.50VDC. The 5648-X eliminates the need for a complex abd costly current power upply and charge amplifier.

The Model 5648-X requires a user-supplied source of DC voltage between +16 and +32 volts. The minimum voltage should be chosen at least six volts greater then the specific DC output bias level of the selected transducer.

The 10-32 coaxial connector accepts the input from the sensor and power and signal outputs are available via a 5 pin Viking connector.


Output Impedance 100Ω Max.
Voltage Gain 0.0dB (Unity Gain)
Power/Output Connections Viking 5-Pin Cylindrical Connector
Output Current to Transducer 5.0mADC Nominal
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