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  • Choice of Three Gain Versions
  • Two-Wire Configuration
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Rugged Small Package
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Columbia Series 5810 Inline Charge Converters are designed to convert the charge signal from a high impedance piezoelectric sensor into a voltage signal with low impedance, eliminating the need for costly charge amplifiers in many applications. The device can be used with all Columbia non-integrated piezoelectric accelerometers and pressure sensors.

Available in three fixed gain settings of 0.1, 1, and 10 mV/pC, the charge converters require a constant current power source as provided by Columbia Model 5421 (single channel) or Model 5425 (4 channel) Constant Current Supply. Series 5810 Inline Charge Converters are ideal for applications where a low impedance sensor cannot withstand high temperature environments due to limitations of its internal electronics.


Frequency Response 2Hz to 20KHz Min. for <5% gain deviation
Residual Noise 150V rms Max. with source capacitance of 1,000 pF, 1.0mV rms Max. with source capacitance of 10 nF4
Gain Accuracy ±3% Max.
Gain Stability 2% Gain Charge Max. from -40°C To +85°C; 0.2% Gain Change Max from 4 to 20 mA Operating Current
Total Harmonic Distortion 1% Max. @ Output Voltage of 10 Volts PK-PK
Warm-up Time 5 Seconds Max.
Output Connector BNC Coaxial
Input Connector 10-32 Microdot Coaxial
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