P 766

P 766

  • Fast Pressure Variations
  • Surges & Dynamic Blasts
  • High Pressure
  • 25 pC/psi Sensitivity
  • General Purpose
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The Columbia Model P-766 High Intensity Acoustic Sensor (Microphone) is designed for the measurement of dynamic pressure events, including high intensity sound pressure levels, in the frequency range of 2 to 10KHz. It may be used at temperatures up to +150 Degrees C.

The all-welded case construction of the Model P-766 provides the advantages of high natural frequency and exceptional mechanical isolation along with extreme ruggedness. This flush diaphragm device conveniently mounts with a 1/2" male pipe thread. Consult the factory for customized versions of this sensor.

With Connector Mated or Protected, Unit is Hermetically Sealed.


Charge Sensitivity 25 pC/psi
Pressure Range 5,000 psi
Pressure Overload 10,000 psi Max.
Resonant Frequency 60 KHz
Amplitude Linearity +/-2%
Capacitance 400 pF
Grounding Case Grounded
Frequency Response 2 To 10,000 Hz
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