612 TX

612 TX

  • 3-Axis Vibration Measurement
  • Small Size, Lightweight
  • Sensitivity 1.5 pC/g
  • Low Base Strain Sensitivity
  • Electrically Isolated
  • Adhesive Mounting
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The Model 612-TX Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer is designed to meet the most stringent space and mass loading requirements with a weight of only 8 grams and a volume of 0.082 cubic inches.

The 612-TX incorporates miniature shear-type accelerometer inserts bonded into a machined aluminum block. The electrical isolation provided by the epoxy bonding permits accurate, repeatable measurements even in noisy industrial environments. This unit is equipped with the exclusive Columbia microminiature detachable cable assembly that is easily replaced. The Model 612-TXHT is a high temperature version that will operate in environments up to +500 Deg. F.

Consult the factory for customized versions of these sensors.

At +75 Deg F, 10g Peak, 100Hz; Lower Frequency Limit is Determined by Associated Electronics
Referenced to Sensitivity @ 100 Hz.
With Connector Protected or Sealed, Unit is Epoxy Sealed.


Charge Sensitivity 1.5 +/-0.5 pC/g
Frequency Linearity +/-5% Max 2 Hz To 8,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency 40 KHz, Nom.
Amplitude Linearity +/-1.0% (BFSL)
Capacitance 300 +/-60 pF
Insulation Resistance 20,000 M Ohm Min, 50 VDC Test
Isolation Resistance 100M Ohm Min.
Transverse Sensitivity 5% Max
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