Strain Sensors

DT3625 Series

DT3625 Series

  • Smallest Size
  • Self Temperature Compensating
  • Ease of Installation
  • High Output - Two Active Arms
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Columbia's Strain Sensors measure fatigue loading experienced by aircraft under various conditions of speed, weight and mission configuration more accurately than by older, less accurate counting accelerometer methods. These sensors allow critical undercarriage structures and surfaces to be more accurately monitored for potential fatigue damage induced by thousands of flight hours, high stress maneuvers and landings. The simplicity and reliability of these sensors also makes them suitable for routine use in the laboratory.

Series DT3625 sensors were developed in response to the need for fatigue measurements in tight spaces, and these sensors offer all the accuracy, ruggedness and ease of installation of the flight-qualified Series DTD2684 sensors. Models are available to compensate materials commonly used in aircraft structural fabrication. Columbia Model 5802 Strain Gage Amplifier is designed to amplify the sensor signals providing both strain and temperature outputs.

Exports from the United States are subject to the licensing requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


Linearity 0.75% Full Scale Maximum
Operating Range ±3000µ∈, 100 Cycles

±2000µ∈, 10,000 Cycles
Input Resistance 1000 ohms, ±2%
Rated Excitation 10.0 VDC
Zero Offset ±0.5 mV/V Typical
Sensitivity Shift 0.025%/°F Maximum
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