• Vibration & Shock
  • Low Impedance Output
  • Sensitivity 10 mV/g
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Military & Commercial Uses
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The 951-TX Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer was designed to be an integral part of a computer-controlled vibration analysis system. The high and low frequency response of the unit is controlled with ultrahigh input impedance and low pass filters to provide broadband use.

The internal electrical and mechanical isolation of the transducer elements eliminates some of the more common problems associated with transducers of this type. Stable bias voltage over the temperature range provides a constant full scale dynamic range of more than +/- 500 g's with power supplies as low as 18 vdc.

Consult the factory for customized versions of this sensor.

At +75 Deg F, 10g Peak, 100Hz; Power Supply 2 To 20 mA DC Constant Current with 18 VDC Min. Compliance
Referenced to Sensitivity @ 100 Hz.
With Connector Protected or Sealed, Unit is Epoxy Sealed.


Frequency Linearity X and Y Axes +/-1 dB Max, 2 Hz To 3,000 Hz, Z Axis +/-1 dB Max, 2 Hz To 5,000 Hz +/-3 dB Max, 1 Hz To 10,000 Hz
Amplitude Linearity +/-1.0% (BFSL) / 250 g
Output Bias Voltage 10.25 +/-0.75 VDC
Transverse Sensitivity 5% Max
Voltage Sensitivity 10.0 +/-0.5 mv/g
Range +/-500 g
Phase Shift (Input-Output) 6 Deg Max @ 2.5 Hz
Phase Shift (Relative) +/-2 Deg Max @ 2.5 Hz
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