Fiber Optic Pressure Seals

FOPS 2000

FOPS 2000

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Fiber Optic Pressure Seals are designed to provide a safe, convenient, reliable method of exiting fiber optic data lines through a structure while preserving the integrity of either a pressure or vacuum environment.


Type Fiber Optic Pressure Transition Seal
Channels 16 single channel fibers total. A minimum of 14 channels shall comply individually to each performance specification in their entirety.
Mechanical Configuration 1.375 inch hex housing threaded 1.0 inch male N.P.T. both ends.
Housing Material Brass
Optical Fiber Ensign-Bickford Type
HCNM0200TC01US12,200 Micron Step Index Fiber.
Optical Connectors AMP 501003-4 FSMA epoxy polish connector.
Optical Attenuation (-)6 dB maximum referenced at 820 nm, per channel.
Static Pressure Seal shall withstand 265 psi Helium Exposure for a minimum of 60 seconds.
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