• High Sensitivity
  • Choice of Sensitivities 2200 or 1200 pC/psi
  • High Temperature To +500 Deg F
  • Electrically Isolated
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The Models 765M20 and 765M22 High Intensity Acoustic Sensors (Microphones) are designed for the measurement of gas-borne sound in industrial applications. These sensors have been constructed for use in corrosive environments that are compatible with the type 316 stainless steel diaphragm. The miniature 10-32 fused-glass coaxial connector, when combined with all-welded construction, provides a true hermetic seal.

Electrically, these devices comprise sensing elements of piezoceramic material in a balanced and floating configuration to provide enhanced rejection of electrical noise associated with many industrial environments. Optimum performance is achieved when used with a true differential input amplifier. Consult the factory for customized versions of this sensor.

With Connector Mated or Protected, Unit is Hermetically Sealed.


Charge Sensitivity 2200 pC/psi +/-10%
Avg Temp Coeff of Sensitivity 0.08% / Deg F Nominal
Frequency Response 2 Hz To 8,000 Hz
Dynamic Range 0.28 x 10-4 to 10 psi (191 dB SPL Max.)
Transducer Capacitance 11,000 pF +/-10%
Insulation Resistance 100 Megohms Min., 50 VDC Test
Isolation Resistance 100 Megohms Min., 50 VDC Test
Dielectric Strength 550 Vrms, 60 Hz, Element to Housing
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