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  • Vibration & Shock
  • Sensitivity 20 pC/g
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • High Temperature (+500 F)
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Hermetically Sealed

The Model 3051 Piezoelectric Accelerometer exhibits a nominal transfer sensitivity of 20 picoCoulombs/g. The moderate sensitivity, wide frequency response, and wide operating temperature range provides a device well suited to a broad range of low to medium level vibration measurement applications.

The mechanical isolation of the seismic elements from the mounting structure optimizes this unit for low frequency data measurements, while the glass-to-metal hermetic seal and the welded construction permits its use in the most adverse industrial environments. Ground is electrically isolated from the case for reduced noise pickup. The Model 3051 features a 10-32 top connector and is provided with a 10" low-noise coaxial cable.

Consult the factory for customized versions of this sensor.

At +75 Deg F, 10g Peak, 100Hz; Lower Frequency Limit is Determined by Associated Electronics
Referenced to Sensitivity @ 100 Hz.
With Connector Protected or Sealed, Unit is Hermetically Sealed


Charge Sensitivity 20 +/-3 pC/g
Frequency Linearity +/-5% Max 2 Hz To 7,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency 35 KHz, Min.
Amplitude Linearity +/-1.0% (BFSL) / 300 g
Capacitance 600 +/-60 pF
Insulation Resistance 20,000 M Ohm Min, 50 VDC Test
Isolation Resistance 100M Ohm Minimum
Transverse Sensitivity 5% Max