Triaxial Linear Accelerometers

The Triaxial Force Balance Linear Accelerometers range from general purpose, low cost sensors, capable of measuring DC and low frequency acceleration simultaneously in three axes, to Miniature Airborne, Highly Reliable Sensors that operate from +24 to +32VDC Aircraft power. Also offered are compact, premium performance, extremely rugged sensors, well suited for demanding missile and airborne applications.

Model Excitation Ranges Available Non Linearity Output
+24 to +32 VDC 50mA Max. ±1 G To ±35 G ±0.05% F.R. ± 5VDC into 100k load
+24 to +32 VDC <30 mA ±1 G Thru ±35 G ±0.1% F.R. 0.2 to 4.8VDC into 100k load
±15 VDC ±0.5 G Thru ±50 G ±0.03% F.R. ±7.5V into 100k load
SA 307LN
±12 to ±15 VDC <30 mA ±0.5 G Thru ±2 G <±0.1% F.R. <7.5V into 100k load
SA 307TX
±15 VDC ±1 Thru ±50 G ±0.05% F.R. ±7.5V
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