512 TX

512 TX

  • 3-Axis Vibration & Shock
  • Sensitivity 17 pC/g
  • Electrically Isolated
  • Lightweight (36 & 41 Gm)
  • 3-Point or 1-Point Mounting
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The Models 510-TX and 512-TX Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometers perform simultaneous measurement of vibration acceleration in three, mutually perpendicular axes. They are designed for low to medium level shock and vibration measurement work where a three-dimensional characterization of dynamic responses of a structure is required. The high sensitivity and broad frequency range makes them a good choice for the general testing requirements of most specimens.

These units incorporate small accelerometer inserts bonded into a machined aluminum block. The electrical isolation provided by the epoxy bonding permits accurate, repeatable measurements even in noisy industrial environments. These two sensors differ only in mounting configuration. The Model 510-TX employs three-point mounting whereas the Model 512-TX utilizes single-point mounting. High temperature units will operate in environments up to +500 Deg. F.

Consult the factory for customized versions of these sensors.

At +75 Deg F, 10g Peak, 100Hz; Lower Frequency Limit is Determined by Associated Electronics
Referenced to Sensitivity @ 100 Hz.
With Connector Protected or Sealed, Unit is Epoxy Sealed


Charge Sensitivity 17 +/-3 pC/g
Frequency Linearity +/-5% Max 2 Hz To 5,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency 25 KHz, Nom.
Amplitude Linearity +/-1.0% (BFSL) / 300g
Capacitance 600 +/-60 pF
Insulation Resistance 20,000 M Ohm Min, 50 VDC Test
Isolation Resistance 100M Ohm, Min.
Transverse Sensitivity 5% Max
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