LMT 50

LMT 50

  • Dual Tndem LVDT's
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Rugged Construction
  • Completely Isolated Coil Assemblies
  • Tefzel Coated Probe Assembly
  • Designed for Hight Reliability Applications
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The Columbia Series LMT-50 Linear Motion Tandem Transducer is a unitized rugged package consisting of tandem linear variable differential transformers (LVDT's) with probe assembly. These units are designed so that the likelihood of a single failure affecting both output signals is extremely improbable. Primarily used in aircraft and missile control systems where redundant systems are a requirement, the Series LMT-50 Tandem Motion Transducers offer flight proven performance, even in the most severe environments.

The LMT-50 provides high transfer sensitivity of 36 volts per inch at 6VRMS excitation. Ruggedized construction where all material is bonded and swaged including the stainless steel bore liner. Utilizing a premium insulation system for increased margin of safety for high performance reliability, the tandem LVDT provides the redundancy to guarantee the system integrity.


Output Resistance 2350 Ohms, ±10%
Signal Output Voltage +5 VDC Corresponding to +/- rated displacement
Ranges Available 0.10": ±0.05" from electrical zero (EZ) Useable with reduced accuracy to ±0.01.
Excitation 6.0 VRMS Nominal, 400Hz ±5%
Input Power 0.043 Watt Nominal: 0.06w Max.
Input Impedance 270 Ohms ±6%, (88 + j 225)
Primary DC Resistance 85 Ohms ±10%
Secondary DC Resistance 2000 Ohms, ±10%
Rated Load Resistance 20 Kilohms
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