• 4-20 mA Output
  • +15 VDC Operation
  • Low Cost
  • High Performance
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The Columbia Models SI-701WPBI and SI-701WPBIHP are waterproof versions of Columbia's popular Model SI-701BI and SI-701BIHP. These waterproof sensors are designed with an output circuit configuration made for use with 4-20 mA data transmission systems used extensively in industrial installations in order to transmit data over long distances in rough environments.

The general purpose Model SI-701BI and high performance Model SI-701BIHP Inclinometers and optional waterproof cable assemblies allow remote tilt sensing in a variety of applications such as dam gate control, drawbridge control and platform stabilization. Consult the factory for customized versions of these sensors.


Output Impedance 50 Megohm Typical
Ranges Available +5°, +15°, +30°, +45°, +90°
Excitation +15 +1 VDC <50 mA
Scale Factor Tolerance +1% F.R.
Scale Factor Temp Coefficient +0.02% / Deg C
Output Current 4-20 mA
Output Function Io = 12 + K Sin (mA) +0.5% of Normal Into a Maximum Load of 600 Ohms
Non-Repeatability +0.1% F.R.
Non-Linearity +0.1% F.R.
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