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DIS 7012 Inclinometer System

  • Superior Force Balance
  • Technology
  • Choice of Input Power & Cable Configurations

Columbia Models DIS-7001 and DIS-7012 Inclinometer Systems include a temperature-compensated force balance inclinometer in conjunction with a power module and convenient digital display. Linearization is supplied in the readout module which eliminates the need for conversion from the inclinometer sine output to degrees. Both systems are available with optional analog output via a BNC connector. The optional carrying case enhances portability. Consult the factory for customized versions of these systems.


Operating Temperature Range 0 Deg. C To +52 Deg. C
Display 3-1/2 Digit LCD Readout
Input Power: 10 VDC To 28 VDC, 12.6 VDC Nom., 1 Amp Max.
Available Ranges & Corresponding System Accuracy Range +5 Degrees: +0.03 Deg Accuracy
Range +10 Degrees: +0.05 Deg Accuracy
Range +15 Degrees: +0.10 Deg Accuracy
Range +30 Degrees: +0.20 Deg Accuracy
Range +45 Degrees: +0.30 Deg Accuracy
Offset Range Adjustable to Zero
Controls DC Power Switch Null Potentiometer Input Power Fuse
Sensor Interface 10 Ft. (Standard Length) Optional Lengths: 5 Ft. To 50 Ft.
Input Power Cable 6 Ft. Cord
Standard 6 Ft. Cord with DC Lighter Plug Optional: Selectable Length without Lighter Plug (6 Ft. thru 20 Ft)
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